Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime

Author(s): Diana K. Ivy, Shawn Wahl

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2019


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Designed to fuse a unique balance of theory and application, Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime translates academic material based on sound research and theory into meaningful applications for the reader to utilize throughout life.

The publication extends learning activities by including What Would You Do vignettes that provide a challenge or dilemma involving nonverbal communication, then pose a question to the reader as to how he/she would handle the situation

The NEW third edition of Diana K. Ivy and Shawn T. Wahl’s Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime:

  • Introduces the Reflexive Cycle of Nonverbal Communication Development Model. This model of five phases that continue over a lifetime was developed from discussions about how people come to learn nonverbal behavior, modify their behavior as they grow and mature, perceive others' nonverbal cues, impact others through their own nonverbal communication, and finally how those behaviors are altered or reinforced as a result of this ongoing process.
  • Is student friendly - featuring chapter outlines, chapter objectives, opening case studies and summaries
  • Is instructor friendly - Out of the Classroom, Onto the Page vignettes contain snippets of classroom exchanges, followed by questions or challenges to readers to consider how the examples apply to their own lives.  An instructor’s manual with chapter outlines, class notes, quizzes, discussion questions, and more are also provided.

PART 1 Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Foundations of Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 2: Nonverbal Communication Development: A Reflexive Approach

PART 2 Codes of Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 3: Environment
Chapter 4: Proxemics
Chapter 5: Physical Appearance
Chapter 6: Kinesics
Chapter 7: Face and Eyes
Chapter 8: Touch
Chapter 9: Vocalics

PART 3 Applications of Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 10: Nonverbal Communication, Technology, and Social Media
Chapter 11: Nonverbal Communication in Professional and Educational Contexts
Chapter 12: Nonverbal Communication: Gender, Intimate Relationships, and Sexuality



Diana K. Ivy

Diana K. Ivy, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, has been teaching communication at the college level for 30 years, including such undergraduate and graduate courses as nonverbal, interpersonal, gender, and instructional communication. She has co-authored two other textbooks, Communication: Principles for a Lifetime and GenderSpeak: Personal Effectiveness in Gender Communication, both in multiple editions, and has published articles in Communication Education, Southern Communication Journal, and Women & Language. She was Speaker of the Faculty Senate and Director of the Women’s Center at her university, has held multiple offices in the National Communication Association, hosted a call-in radio show, “Call Me Ivy,” and completed post-doctoral coursework at Oxford University, studying C. S. Lewis and communication.

Shawn Wahl

Dr. Shawn Wahl is the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters (COAL) and Professor of Communication at Missouri State University (MSU). He served as the Interim Dean of COAL from 2017 to 2019 and as the Department Head of Communication at MSU from 2012 to 2017. Prior to MSU, he served as the Department Head of Communication, Mass Media, & Theatre at Angelo State University and as the director of graduate studies at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. Shawn was the 2016 President of the Central States Communication Association. He has authored numerous books including Public Speaking: Essentials for Excellence, Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime, The Communication Age: Connecting and Engaging, Business and Professional Communication: KEYS for Workplace Excellence, Persuasion in Your Life, Intercultural Communication In Your Life and Public Relations Principles: Strategies for Professional Success. Shawn has published articles in Communication Education, Communication Research Reports, Communication Studies, CommunicationTeacher, Journal of Family Communication, and the Basic Communication Course Annual. In addition, Shawn has worked across the globe as a corporate trainer, communication consultant, and leadership coach in a variety of industries.

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ISBN 9781524986285

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