Officer Down! A Practical Tactical Guide to Surviving Injury in the Street

Author(s): Andrew Dennis

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2013

Pages: 150


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Routinely stepping into danger and making life and death decisions come with the territory of enforcing the law. And it’s precisely when police officers are in the most danger that emergency medical services cannot reach them

In Officer Down! A Practical Tactical Guide to Surviving Injury in the Street, Andrew Dennis, D.O., FACOS, trauma surgeon and police officer, introduces a one-of-a-kind, empowering training experience, the Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement (MTLE) training program, and essential life-saving tools of the Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit (TRIK). The MTLE training and TRIK combine to provide a comprehensive trauma response system specifically designed for law enforcement officers and public safety specialists. This comprehensive trauma response system serves to help address serious deficiencies Dr. Dennis observed through his own practical knowledge and experience with current law enforcement first-responder, first-aid education, training and tools.

Dr. Dennis emphasizes that effective response to traumatic injury in the street is both mental and physical. You will learn about the importance of maintaining a tactical mindset under pressure and application of the various medical tactics and tools as taught in the MTLE training program — from bleeding control, airway management and shock prevention to rescue assists, carries and drags.

Introduction: Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement and the Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit, a comprehensive trauma response system

Mindset: Mental conditioning: a matter of life and death

Mechanics: Fundamentals of penetrating trauma and medical fact versus fiction

Management: Assessment and intervention in balancing medical life-saving and mission priorities

Movement: Strategic approaches and escape tactics for making it out of the hot zone alive

Building on tactical life-saving knowledge through practical training

Summary of core Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement training concepts

Summary of Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement life-saving script: Life-saving script at-a-glance and detail

Summary of Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit: Seven essential, life-saving tools and key design features



Andrew Dennis

Andrew Dennis, D.O., FACOS, is an attending surgeon at the Cook County Trauma and Burn Units in Chicago, Illinois. He is the chairman of the Department of Surgery at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and holds a faculty position at Rush University as an assistant professor of surgery. He is board certified in general surgery and critical care.

Dr. Dennis has also served in law enforcement and emergency medical services for more than 20 years. He is a sworn law enforcement officer, medical director, team surgeon and tactical emergency medical support provider for both the Cook County
Sheriff’s Office and the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Emergency Services Team. Dr. Dennis is extremely active as both a law enforcement officer and trauma surgeon and is a veteran in dealing with life-threatening situations both in the hospital and out in the street.

He founded Medical Tactics, a consulting and training company in Chicago, based on a simple but powerful mission: Empower to survive, train to prevail. The company is dedicated to teaching life-saving medical tactics to law enforcement officers and public safety specialists for use in responding to traumatic injury in the street.

Excellent, eye-opening on what the body can survive with the proper mindset. Just because you are shot or injured does not mean you will die.
- GL, Illinois State Police

Fantastic. Highly, highly recommended.
ZT, Probations Officer

Life saving.
- KB, President, WTA

Must-have for every officer!
- RA, Sgt Joliet PD

Outstanding. Will recommend to all. This class should be mandatory for anyone who carries a badge!
HW, Tact Sat Chicago PD

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ISBN 9781465244741

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