Physical Geology Across the American Landscape

Author(s): John Renton, Coast Learning Systems , COAST LEARNING SYSTEMS , COAST LEARNING SYSTEMS

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2011

Pages: 778


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This textbook is designed to impart scientific data about the landforms of the North American continent, as well as take students on an exploration that stimulates and satisfies the desire to know more about their home planet.

During this exploration, students will discover that geology is more than identifying rocks. It is the study of features and processes that are often too distant, or too ordinary to occupy daily attention, but have a dramatic impact on their lives

Students will be able to:

  • Explain common geological features and processes, using the major concepts and theories of geology.
  • Effectively write and verbally communicate, using solid research, observations, reasoning, and the scientific method, to support opinions and ideas.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate information to make informed decisions about environmental issues and /or current events using the principles and methods of geology.

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Brief Contents

Textbook Features
About the Author and Instructional Designer

Introduction: Formation of Earth and Its Place in the Solar System

Unit 1
chapter 1: Interior of the Earth
chapter 2: Plate Tectonics
chapter 3: Rock Deformation and Mountain Building
chapter 4: Earthquakes and Seismology

Unit 2
chapter 5: Minerals
chapter 6: Igneous Rocks and Volcanism
chapter 7: Weathering, Soils, and Sedimentary Rocks
chapter 8: Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Unit 3
chapter 9: The Age of Earth and Geologic Time
chapter 10: Mass Wasting
chapter 11: Streams and Groundwater
chapter 12: Oceans and Coastlines
chapter 13: Glaciers and Deserts—Climatic Features
chapter 14: Economic Geology and Resources

Key Terms
Answers to Concept Checks
Review Exercises


John Renton

Coast Learning Systems



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