The Science of Teaching and Learning: A Research-Based Framework for Excellence

Author(s): Sara Centeno

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 110

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Health professionals are well prepared in clinical situations – yet may find themselves unprepared for a teaching role.

Science of Learning and Teaching trains health professionals with educational techniques to teach and motivate their patients more effectively as well as preparation to teach in higher education.

Scientifically grounded, Science of Learning and Teaching presents readers with a strong foundation in teaching and learning, and examines and applies educational theory to skills utilized by the physical therapist in the classroom, community, and clinical facility.

The publication lays the foundation in the learning process and focuses on effective teaching – from lesson development, to instruction, to assessment.

Topics include the educational role of the physical therapist, the taxonomies of learning, learning styles, multiple intelligence, and educational technology.

Sara Adams Centeno’s Science of Learning and Teaching:

  • Identifies strategies to motivate and engage learners.
  • Presents techniques for communicating effectively with patients, colleagues, and the community.
  • Helps readers identify his/her own learning style while helping them develop cultural competence.
  • Discusses how health care professional educators can use technology to enhance health and healthcare education for patients and the community.

Sara Centeno

Sara Adams Centeno (@PassionateProf_) is an innovative educational leader with a proven ability to maximize learning opportunities and raise student achievement outcomes in diverse higher education settings.

In 2016, she authored Success The Ultimate Guide to College, Career, and Personal Excellence to influence student motivation and increase retention of first year college students. This textbook provides research-based strategies for metacognitive skills, growth mindset, goal setting, time management, effective communication, personal accountability, stress management, cultural awareness, and emotional intelligence.

In 2018, she authored her second textbook, The Science of Teaching and Learning: A Research-Based Framework for Excellence. This publication examines and applies educational and motivational theories to facilitate learning, influence behavioral change, and improve outcomes. From educational neuroscience to instructional methods and assessment, this textbook prepares readers with actionable strategies to teach with proficiency and expertise.

Sara teaches Doctoral Colloquium, Educational Techniques, Principles of Contemporary Leadership, and Professional Communication and Consulting at Andrews University in Michigan. She purposefully and creatively infuses her online and face to face courses with student leadership development, emotional intelligence literacy, and technology. With 17 years of teaching experience in classrooms ranging from kindergarten to doctoral, her primary focus is improving the effectiveness of pedagogy and developing culturally responsive and engaging classroom environments and curricula.

Sara is a founding partner of She works to innovate higher education with keynotes, faculty development, and consulting services to colleges and universities.

Sara is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and writes as a neuronline community leader, sparking global conversations about neuroscience in education.

You can connect with Sara outside of the classroom:

Twitter @PassionateProf_

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ISBN 9781524962432

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