Teambuilding Puzzles

Author(s): James Cain, Mike Anderson, Chris Cavert, Tom Heck

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 314


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For centuries, puzzles have fascinated audiences all over the world. Here are a century's worth of puzzles, over one hundred in all, from four teambuilding experts with collectively more than one hundred years' worth of experience. Learn how to use puzzles and challenging activities for building creative problem solving skills, creating consensus within a group, exploring diversity, creating an inclusive atmosphere, dealing with change, working with group decision making, setting goals, communicating clearly, working with limited resources, and exploring leadership and teamwork.

Whether you are looking for a technique to increase information retention in a corporate training program, exploring creative problem solving methods in the classroom, or leading a teambuilding program in the great outdoors, here are dozens of activities that create teachable moments that are sure to be remembered by your audience long after the puzzles have been solved.


Puzzles and Teachable Moments

Challenging Your Assumptions

100 Teambuilding Puzzles
More than 100 different challenges, problems and puzzles that explore skills in creative problem solving, creating consensus within a group, diversity, inclusion, dealing with change, working as a team, setting goals, communicating clearly, leadership, thinking outside the box, working with limited resources, personal reflection, multiple intelligence learning styles, time management, environmental awareness, observation and assistance, musical, literary, visual and geometric puzzles.

Answers, explanations and final configurations for nearly every puzzle in this book.

Modifying Puzzles for Teams

The Great Puzzle Quest
The perfect portable teambuilding activity to transform the basically cerebral and often solitary puzzle solving experience into an interactive group experience, filled with teachable moments, active learning, social interaction and teamwork.

The Back Nine
Enjoy solving puzzles as a foursome, when you play a round of puzzle golf

The Puzzle Party
Add some interactive activities to your next party, social gathering or conference program by using puzzles. Make it, solve it, keep it!

Choosing the Perfect Puzzle
Dozens of suggestions for finding and using the best puzzle for your purpose.

Changing the Rules of the Game
Ideas for Adapting Puzzles for your Team

The Puzzle Story
References and Resources
Website and Internet Resources
Additional Quotations of Problem Solving
A Note of Thanks
About the Authors

James Cain

Dr. Jim Cain is the author of seventeen texts filled with powerful team and community-building activities from around the world, including Teamwork & Teamplay (which won the Karl Rohnke Creativity Award presented by the Association for Experiential Education [AEE]), A Teachable Moment, Teambuilding Puzzles, The Book of Raccoon Circles (now available in Japanese and Chinese), Essential Staff  Training Activities, The Big Book of Low Cost Training Games, Find Something To Do, Rope Games, Teamwork & Teamplay Training Cards (now available in a Chinese/English version), The Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition (featuring fifty-one activities translated into sixteen different languages in the same book!), 100 Activities That Build Unity, Community & Connection, Team Activities That Promote Learning, More Team Activities That Promote Learning and Teambuilding with Index Cards.

His train-the-trainer workshops are legendary in the adventure-based learning world and have taken him to all fi fty states and thirty-two countries (so far). He is the innovator of over 100 teambuilding activities used by corporations, colleges, camps, conferences and communities. But mostly, Jim likes to share his unique collection of team challenges, games, puzzles, training techniques and community building activities with audiences of all kinds, all over the world. Jim is also the creative mind behind his active training company Teamwork & Teamplay, which provides staff  trainings, facilitation, teambuilding equipment, debriefing tools, curriculum development, reference books, conference workshops, keynote and playnote presentations, and teambuilding consulting services.

For more information or to invite Dr. Jim Cain to your next event, visit the Teamwork & Teamplay website at or contact Jim Cain at (585) 637-0328.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is a tattoo-collecting father of three who first discovered adventure play in 1991 as a recreation leader for the City of Atascadero, in California, where he grew up. Since then he has worked as a summer camp leader, program director, rock climbing guide, ropes course builder, trainer, conference center manager, middle school teacher, and the owner of two businesses. Since 2005, Mike has been the owner, chief recreation office and training czar of The Petra Cliffs Group, which includes an indoor climbing center, a full-time guiding service, a very well respected team-development program, an extremely successful summer day camp, as well as an international consultancy that has assisted numerous programs develop their own adventure-based learning programs.

Chris Cavert

Tom Heck

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ISBN 9781465236883

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