A Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Psychopathology

Drew Curtis & Leslie Kelley  |   November 9, 2020

A typical student attends an abnormal psychology course with some preconceived ideas about psychological issues. They receive these images from movies, television shows, literature, tv news, and other channels. Authors Drew Curtis and Leslie Kelley present teaching ideas to challenge students to reconsider the ideas they have concerning myths of “crazy” and how these ideas developed.

This webinar will present viewers with:
• a Myth-Busting toolkit
• Diagnosing Abnormality: The 4Fs
• Psychomythology of Psychopathology Research

Explore their title, Abnormal Psychology: Myths of Crazy, here.

To view the full webinar, visit: https://youtu.be/ZE2YWlnzlyM