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Human Resources Leadership in Hospitality

Author(s): John Walker, Nicholas Thomas

There is a distinct difference between managing a human resources team and leading it, and those in leadership positions must evolve with the industry.Human Resources Leadership in Hospitality addresses one of the biggest challenges that hospitality managers across the board express: finding and ret...

Communicating in Your Personal, Professional and Public Lives

Author(s): Sara Weintraub, Candice Thomas-Maddox, Kerry Byrnes

Communication is everywhere in our daily lives. Whether we are interacting with a friend or with a supervisor, in today’s society, the ability to communicate effectively is imperative. Communicating in Your Personal, Professional & Public Lives covers a wide range of relevant topics that provide ...

Suit the Action to the Word: A Project Based Introduction to Theatre

Author(s): Jeffrey Kean, Mark Creter, Eleni Fragopoulos, Prudence van Aalten

New Publication Now Available! Suit the Action to the Word uses project based learning (PBL), a method of instruction that emphasizes learning and applying skills and knowledge in real life situations. By presenting students with project challenges that require creativity, collaboration, adherenc...