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Muslims, Head Coverings, and Fantasy Football: Moving Beyond the Stereotype


Sample In an introduction to interpersonal communication course at a Midwestern university students are assigned a listening project that requires them to learn about themselves and others by selecting a representative of a group whose perspective they would not ordinarily listen to.1 Two days af...

Unlearning & Relearning: A Guide to College Composition

Author(s): John Tiech, John P. Isaacs

The idea for Unlearning and Relearning, A Guide to College Composition, emanated from several conversations between two English composition instructors, John Tiech and John Isaacs, in their shared Waynesburg University office. After noticing a steady decline in sentence structure proficiency (fragme...

Health-Related Self-Disclosure Online: Emotion Expression by One Online Community Member Across 460 Posts


Sample Developing a serious or chronic health condition can be a life-changing event (Bury, 1982). Along with physical and psychological symptoms, illness often creates a range of challenges involving one’s relationships, occupation, finances, and several other domains. Sharing one’s experiences ...

Carnival's Response to the Costa Concordia Crisis: A Test of Situational Crisis Communication Theory


Sample According to 2016 data, nearly 23 million people worldwide will embark on a cruise (Cruise Market Watch, 2016), and approximately 10 million of those individuals will board a Carnival vessel to reach their desired location (Carnival Corporation & PLC, 2006a). Succulent dishes, live enterta...

Towards an Understanding of Africology

Author(s): Victor O Okafor

New Sixth Edition Now Available! Since 1968 when the first Black Studies department was established at San Francisco State University, more than three hundred other departments, programs and centers have surfaced on various campuses of the nation, including Ph.D. programs. Towards an Understan...

The Vicious Valentine


Abstract Carol Sander, CEO of the Sentiments from the Heart greeting card company, needs to respond to a crisis situation involving a mix-up in Valentine’s Day greeting cards that caused young children to receive cards with offensive messages. Although a subcontractor caused the problem, her comp...