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Rivalry: How It Impacts Fans, Organizations and Managers

Author(s): CODY HAVARD

People enjoy following sports teams for various reasons. Maybe because they like to feel as though they are part of something bigger than themselves, or because they like to experience the joy of the achievements the teams make. With the feeling of identification that these individuals hold, a sense...

Human Zombie Biology: What You Need to Know to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Author(s): Stephanie J. Fischer, AMIE WOJTYNA, Christopher Green

Zombies aren’t real. To our knowledge, there are no secret government laboratories working on creating or defeating the zombie menace, but if such laboratories are ever created then sign us up to be the earth’s last, best hope.Human Zombie Biology provides students the knowledge to gain a greater un...

Where Art and Science Meet...Writing: An International Students Guide to Writing

Author(s): Elizabeth Rafferty

Writing is first and foremost an art form. As second language learning occurs in a variant portion of the brain than first language acquisition it is logical to present the tools of this art form in ways that maximize this knowledge. And that is the sole purpose for this writing guide.Yes, there are...