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Transformational Policing Model: Bridging the Racial Divide

Author(s): Tommy W. Tunson

New Second Edition Now Available! Transformational Policing Model: Bridging the Racial Divide is a contemporary 21st-century training strategy to assist police and community members in forming Positive Police–Community Partnerships (PPCP). Th e course objective is to narrate a transition from “Wa...

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Worldview

Author(s): Shawn George, Brian Kelley, Rachel Piferi

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Worldview is an introductory Psychology textbook designed to familiarize students with the science and practice of Psychology while also equipping them to critically analyze research and theory.  In addition to presenting research and theory in the major s...

The Landscape of Expository Comprehension


The Landscape of Expository Comprehension: Teaching Non-Fiction Text Processing focuses on facilitating instruction from the viewpoint of how proficient readers think with informational text. Expository text requires a completely different set of cognitive strategies from those of narrative. You wil...

Lab Manual for Chem 106 Chemistry in Context 2

Author(s): Mark A Griep

Lab manual for Chem 106: Chemistry in Context II provides an introduction to the concepts of organic and biological chemistry research including but not limited to: chemical lab safety, chromatographic separation of plant pigments, soft drink sugar solution density, amino acids, an herbicide bioassa...