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Introduction to Business Analysis

Author(s): Fred Hulme, Carolyn Hulme Turner

This textbook introduces the fundamental concepts of quantitative business analysis to students. It is written with the knowledge that most business school students have not had a full course in statistics and especially not one focusing on business applications. The problems lend themselves to the ...

Business Grammar Skills Workbook

Author(s): Diana Baran

Employers want employees with oral and written communication skills that allow them to communicate in the business world with accuracy and competency. This requires basic grammar skills. This text wraps up the proper use of commas in ten concise rules, semicolons in four concise rules, fancy adjecti...

Anatomy of a California Smog Check BAR Level 1 & 2 Training

Author(s): Dorothy Anderson, Mark Ellison

Anatomy of a California Smog Check BAR Level 1 & 2 Training has been written for California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) certified instructors to be utilized in BAR Level 1 and Level 2 Smog Inspector training courses. This book can also be used for any candidate to prepare for the California St...

Art History & Appreciation: Creative Exploration & Application

Author(s): Karen E DeLoach

This introductory course covers both the history of art, the appreciation of art and how to apply this knowledge, including the fundamental principles of design.Art History & Appreciation: Creative Exploration & Application exposes students to the world of art and its history. This text helps studen...

La Jawab Treats: A Celebration of Culture & Spice Fusion Recipes

Author(s): Punhal Chaudry, Naiel Chaudry

Written by young chefs and business owners of Lá Jawab Treats, this cookbook showcases many unique fusion creations that bring together the best of East and West. This collection of savory and sweet recipes is meant for anyone who has a love for cooking and baking. Whether you are an amateur or a se...

Composition of Mathematics: Algebra Transitions

Author(s): Bruce J. Bordwell

New Publication Now Available! Composition of Mathematics: Algebra Transitions has been written to help students who have struggled with previous more traditional instruction of pre-algebra mathematics through elementary algebra. Using a non-traditional approach free of gimmicks and rote memoriza...