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Points to Health: Theory and Practice of Health Education and Health Behavior

Author(s): Tina M Penhollow

Points to Health is the latest textbook in health promotion and health education. It highlights the current practices of health and the future of health science. It is written at a level for upper undergraduate or graduate courses. The textbook is divided into five sections. The first part covers th...

OpenStax: College Success Concise


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Professional Problem Solvers: Are Your Management Controls Effective?

Author(s): Bill Magrogan

Are you paid to fix what goes wrong? If so, you are a professional problem-solver.These ideas lead to improved workplace performance... for you and others!Effective use of controls help you thrive in business or in public organizations. Bill, your author, guides Professional MBAs in problem-solving ...

DiversITALY: Elementary Italian with Inclusive Language and Gender Equality Volume 2

Author(s): Francesca Calamita, Chiara De Santi

An Inclusive Approach to Learning Italian!DiversITALY: Elementary Italian with Inclusive Language and Gender Equality stems from the necessity of actively engaging with current Italian society.  Readers learn Italian while critically thinking about the gendered politics of the language and how to us...