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Integrated Marketing Communication: A Consumer-Centric Approach for the Digital Era

Author(s): THOMAS R. FLYNN, James R. Smith, Michael Walsh

Second Edition Coming Soon!The entire Integrated Marketing Communication ecosystem is alive 24/7 every day. Data skills and knowing metrics are more important than ever.Integrated Marketing Communication: A Consumer-Centric Approach for the Digital Era is a data-driven, consumer centric approach tha...

Medical Communication: Physical and Psychological Wellness

Author(s): Theodore A Avtgis, Kevin Wright, Veronica Nuzzolo

New Third Edition Coming Soon!Communication-related issues lead to thousands of deaths annually.The third edition of Medical Communication: Physical and Psychological Wellness creates a more health-conscious society by presenting unique and groundbreaking perspectives on communication in the practic...

Human Resources Leadership in Hospitality

Author(s): John Walker, Nicholas Thomas

There is a distinct difference between managing a human resources team and leading it, and those in leadership positions must evolve with the industry.Human Resources Leadership in Hospitality addresses one of the biggest challenges that hospitality managers across the board express: finding and ret...

Russian Stage Two: Welcome Back!

Author(s): American Council of Teachers of Russian

AUTHORS:Cynthia Martin, Ph.D., University of MarylandIrina Dolgova, Ph.D., Yale University Russian Stage Two: Welcome Back! is a video-based second-year course for learners of Russian at the intermediate level of study. The goal of this second-year course is to improve functional competence in speak...

Rumbullion: A Historic, Cultural and Scientific Aspect of Barbados Rum

Author(s): Cheryl Rock, Elizabeth Metzger

This book highlights four aspects of Barbados which are the following: major historical figures, distinct geographical features, rum production, and rum celebration.  Who are the major figures in the rum economy? Barbados has a plethora of famous historical figures. For example, Sir John Gay A...