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Music Appreciation: A Socioeconomic Perspective


New Fourth Edition Now Available! This unique and student centered approach to a standard university Music Appreciation text was developed by Dr. Grant Manhart during 20 years of teaching at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  This approach has shown elevated student engagement,...

The Media in Our Daily Lives, Preliminary Edition

Author(s): Jennifer Louise Gregg

There are very few things adults agree on. The media is one of them: we agree it’s everywhere. It is embedded in our daily lives and informs how we perceive reality and the world. It’s nearly impossible to avoid and is accessible, in some form or other, to everyone. What we don’t agree on? How it af...

James Baldwin's Black Lives Blues Are Mine

Author(s): Stan West

Hear a sample read by author Stan West! “Using creative nonfiction and lots of research data, I wrote a two-track narrative about 20th century’s best essayist,” said author Stan West. “The relevance and timeliness of this research and its implications in policy, literature and news seems to b...

College and Career Success

Author(s): Marsha Fralick

HumanEsources, in partnership with Kendall Hunt Publishing, hosts an interactive online version of textbooks authored by Dr. Fralick.The interactive version uses the latest technology to include:Interactive exercises with immediate scoring and feedback.Quizzes that are automatically scored. Career a...

How Did This End Up On My Doorstep? A Head Coach is Accused of Physical Assault


Abstract A university’s sports information director (SID) must react to a public relations crisis when a video is sent to the local newspaper showing the men’s basketball team’s head coach physically assaulting a player. , basic_html

Lost Tribes and Sunken Lands: A Study Guide

Author(s): Donna J Nash

Lost Tribes & Sunken Lands: A Study Guide is a course that challenges students to consider what they think they know and how they know it. During the semester students explore myths and mysteries from far points of the globe and evaluate speculative claims about the peoples of the past. The study gu...

Framing and Priming in Presidential Campaign Ads


“A lot of people still don’t really know who I am,” said John F. Kerry to reporters in spring 2004, just as he emerged as the Democratic presidential nominee and began the general election campaign in earnest (Jackson, 2004). Like all presidential candidates, Kerry was obligated to establish a posit...

"Junk in the Trunk": Body Shaming in Women's Soccer


Abstract The Los Angeles Raptors, a team with the American Women’s Indoor Soccer League (AWISL), have a new coach. When he says some inappropriate things about the bodies of the Latinas on the team, the women band together to try to right the wrong. But no one seems willing to take the problem se...

Adult Physical Dysfunction and the Occupational Therapy Process

Author(s): Tenika Danley

Adult Physical Dysfunction and the Occupational Therapy Process was written to engage and educate entry-level therapists about common clinical conditions affecting people. The text includes clinical indications, interventions, and general practice guidelines for conditions like stroke, traumatic bra...