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Racial and Ethnic Groups in America

Author(s): Juan L Gonzales

One of the primary objectives of RACIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS IN AMERICA, by Juan L. Gonzales, Jr., is to provide an academic background for understanding the history, culture, and social relationships that constitute the day-to-day life in ethnic communities.  Juan Gonzales believes that education can ...

Chicano/a Studies Reader: A Bridge to Writing

Author(s): Roberta Orona-Cordova

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Writing: Step by Step

Author(s): Randy Devillez

What are your students' goals? - good grades - better jobs - self-confidence - scholarships - bigger paychecks - effective communication skillsUse Writing: Step by Step to help your students learn the writing skills needed to achieve their goals!Writing: Step by Step encourages your students to: - F...

Zoology Laboratory Workbook

Author(s): Barbara Schumacher

Billy J. Hart and Marlin O. Cherry,Zoology Laboratory WorkbookEighth Edition 1997  This laboratory manual is designed as a one semester course in zoology and to accompany a zoology textbook. Various exercises cover most of the zoological disciplines such as cytology, morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, p...

Bottle Biology

Author(s): Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

Bottle Biology is an "idea book," full of ways you can use recyclable containers to learn about science and the environment. The projects in this book promote science as a tool everyone can use to explore the world. These explorations can be integrated with history, art, music and other creative...