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Applied Math Workbook

Author(s): Katie Nagle

*Purchase includes both the workbook and solutions manual* , basic_html

Cultural Anthropology: A Restorative Study of Our Humanity

Author(s): Julie M. Bowling

Cultural Anthropology: A Restorative Study of Our Humanity is a course designed to engage students toward building a solid anthropology, founded on the truth that all humans are created with inherent value and dignity. Rooted in the worldview that humanity has been designed in the Image of their cre...

Advanced Engineering Experiments

Author(s): Aixi Zhou

This book is a sequel of Applied Engineering Experiments. The objective of the selected advanced engineering experiments is to develop student skills to a higher level in inquiry, learning, professional development, and personal growth in their formation into an engineer. Topics are arranged into th...

Practical Earth Science Exercises

Author(s): Jonathan A Nourse, ERNEST W. ROUMELIS, Jeffrey S Marshall, David R Berry

We are pleased to present the 5th edition of Practical Earth Science Exercises, a laboratory manual originally conceived by Drs. Lisa Rossbacher, David Jessey, and David Berry in 1986 during their early teaching years at Cal Poly Pomona.  Exercises in this volume will acquaint students with pract...