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African-American Art Supplement

Author(s): Clarence Talley, Tracey Moore, Ann Johnson

In this Supplement to accompany African-American Art, each chapter contains an overview, objectives, chapter outline, vocabulary terms, list of artists, slides, study questions, matching questions, true/false questions, projects, discussion questions, and artist spotlights, all of which are intended...

The Critical Eye: An Introduction to Looking at Movies

Author(s): Margo Kasdan, Susan Tavernetti

The Critical Eye: An Introduction to Looking at Movies, Third Edition Revised, prepares students to look beneath the surface of today's most pervasive and powerful form of art, entertainment, information and persuasion. How do movies communicate? How do viewers learn to "read" a film? Develo...

Managing the Classroom: Creating a Culture for Primary and Elementary Teaching and Learning

Author(s): Billie J Enz, Sharon A Kortman, Connie J Honaker

View the Reading Resources Catalog Planning a classroom is an overwhelming task for a teacher. Managing the Classroom guides teachers through the full school year's tasks and responsibilities. This book provides research-based best practices with useful information, resources and great tips for s...

Punctuation Decoded

Author(s): Amanda A Knight

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