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Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use It

Author(s): Galen R Collins, Cihan Cobanoglu, Anil Bilgihan, Katerina Berezina

New Ninth Edition Now Available!The hospitality industry is quickly becoming automated, leading to greater efficiency, better customer service, and ultimately, increased profits. As a result, it is imperative that a person wishing to enter the hospitality business be familiar with the technology pro...

Family Communication: Relationship Foundations

Author(s): Candice Thomas-Maddox, Nicole Blau

The definition of what a “family” is has changed dramatically over the past few decades…. Family Communication: Relationship Foundations features traditional as well as emerging diverse family types in the application and analysis of communication theories and concepts. From acknowledging the inf...

Casing Public Relations

Author(s): Jason Wrench, Joan Schuman, Donna Flayhan

Provide your students with a reasoning process that leads to good decision making in the fast paced world of public relations…. Students engaged in case analysis learn to think, analyze, react and evaluate so that they develop transferable critical, analytical, problem focused skills that can be ...

Casing Persuasive Communication

Author(s): Corey Liberman

Human beings are both agents and targets of persuasion. They both employ, and are inundated with, verbal, visual, and auditory persuasion attempts all of the time. Corey J. Liberman’s comprehensive collection Casing Persuasive Communication exposes the reader to persuasive communication through diff...

The Nonverbal Communication Book

Author(s): Joseph DeVito

The Nonverbal Communication Book embarks the reader on an exciting journey into the world of nonverbal communication! The Nonverbal Communication Book covers both the theory and research in nonverbal communication and describes the ways nonverbal communication works. Ultimately, the publication e...

Brave Space-Making: The Poetics & Politics of Storytelling

Author(s): Brittany L. Peterson, Lynn M. Harter

Storytelling is a meaning-making process with catalytic capacity.Brave Space-Making: The Poetics & Politics of Storytelling explores the generative potential of storytelling by focusing on its centrality in brave space-making. Brave spaces are spheres of possibility where participants undo in order ...

The Excellent Instructor and the Teaching of Dance Technique

Author(s): Nora Ambrosio

Dance educators have the responsibility to provide students with excellent and positive dance experiences.The Excellent Instructor & the Teaching of Dance Technique provides practical, detailed information that covers multiple facets of dance pedagogy. Author Nora Ambrosio uses her experience as dan...

Foundations of Child and Youth Care

Author(s): Carol Stuart, Kristen Fryer

Foundations of Child & Youth Care explores the field of child and youth care, introducing unique perspectives, theories, and interventions in which the practice is grounded as well as emerging concepts essential to current practice. Foundations of Child & Youth Care:Describes foundational concepts w...

The Fundamentals, Principles and Practices of African American Spirituality

Author(s): Phyllis Baker

The Fundamentals Principles and Practices of African American Spirituality provides a glimpse into African American thought and spirituality by discussing some of the factors that have formulated and shaped this group of people.  , basic_html

ANS 206: Anatomy of Domestic Animals

Author(s): Shweta Trivedi

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