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Human Anatomy

Author(s): Mark Nielsen

The lecture manual provides you with an outline of the lectures and other supplementary information to guide your study of human anatomy. Recent research on learning demonstrates that students who take notes by handwriting them learn better than students who do not, or than those who take notes digi...

Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch

Author(s): Susan Goran

Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch prepares students to participate in the integration of telehealth/telemedicine in healthcare as a knowledgeable consumer, healthcare provider, or educator. This turn-key online course package provides a foundational curriculum that provides key telehealth concepts, th...

Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual: Physiological Assessments in Health, Disease and Sport Performance

Author(s): Stephen F Crouse, J. Richard Coast, Gary Oden

Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual is designed to be a practical teaching guide for training students and professionals in the skills to be applied to exercise testing and prescription for health and physical fitness. This text emphasizes the value in learning the techniques in exercise ...

Adult Physical Dysfunction and the Occupational Therapy Process

Author(s): Tenika Danley

Adult Physical Dysfunction and the Occupational Therapy Process was written to engage and educate entry-level therapists about common clinical conditions affecting people. The text includes clinical indications, interventions, and general practice guidelines for conditions like stroke, traumatic bra...

Physics for Allied Health

Author(s): Jan Moraski

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Excessive Sugar Consumption: A Guide for Professionals

Author(s): Jerrod Brown

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